Thursday, May 10, 2007

End of Thursday

Some good talks today. They are posting all the presentations online until Friday, so I am pulling down some good ones and will put up on the QD network when I'm back in Reston.


  • Groovy - awesome scripting on top of Java. ActiveX and Ant integration.
  • Again, GWT - Google Web Toolkit, we stopped by the Google booth in the pavillion and got some more info. Seems that Google Checkout and most new Google web-ui's will leverage this toolkit.
  • JSR-277 - Java Module System. Finally ending the classpath hell! Looks promising with a new .jam file spec (like a jar with module dependency information). Should be in JDK 7 (maybe 4 years :( ).
  • Spring seems to be a very hot topic.
  • And seems the JavaFX hype has really faded....

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