Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 1

After an early jet-lagged start to the day, the conference kicked off with a general session for the Java University, which was being held on Monday. Guess who we sat right behind...

My morning session was titled "Filthy Rich Clients" - it was about using the Swing toolkit to build way cool looking Web 2.0ish and Mac-OS-ish looking Java UIs. Some very cool stuff. Check out http://www.curious-creature.org. The talk was given by the two guys who wrote a book by the same title, due out in a couple of months.

Then a HOT lunch outside on the curb, they really put you up nice here :)

The afternoon was spent checking out Groovy and Grails. Groovy is a Ruby-esce scripting language which runs on the JVM. I think we have have some uses for it; if nothing else then for the fact that it has closures, which are like functions on steroids - they allow your to bind state to anonymous functions. Grails is a web-app building framework with a robust MVC architecture and some really nice data-binding support (wraps Hibernate). Check these things out, they are hot and cool topics.

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